How to develop an endless source of guest blogging topic ideas

We’ve talked about the importance of guest blogging numerous times. Not only is guest blogging a great way to build your brand, it’s also an excellent method for generating quality links and driving targeted traffic to your website. But many business owners don’t do nearly as much guest blogging as they ought to and it’s often because they don’t have the time or don’t know what to write.

Many people new to the guest blogging world make the mistake of writing articles that sound more like advertorials than informative, useful content. If you want to be a successful guest blogger, it’s essential to write content that provides helpful information and lands with the host blog’s readership.

Research the Archives

Get to know the host blogs you’re targeting well by digging through their archives and getting a feel for their style and the topics they cover. You can also check out their “FAQ” pages to determine what questions their readers commonly ask. Perhaps your guest article can provide an interesting take on the information contained in the FAQs.

You can also expand on other articles on their site, adding your own personal story to take the point further. You don’t need to have anything groundbreaking to say to write a successful guest article!

Explore the Comments Section and Gauge Social Media Reaction

Get ideas for new topics to write about by reading the comments on a host blog’s older posts. Some people may ask questions that weren’t answered in the post or provide insightful tips in the comments section, which are great fodder for blog posts. Look at the articles that have the most shares, tweets, etc. to determine what type of content has done well in the past. Write content about similar topics to increase the chances that your articles will be accepted and well received by a site’s audience.

Outsource the Writing

If you’re not a good writer, there’s no need to fret. You can outsource the writing! Contrary to popular belief, if you outsource writing, you aren’t going to end up with terrible, keyword-stuffed garbage from a far-off land. There are plenty of talented, affordable writers to choose from in the United States, Canada, and other countries where English is the first language. Social networking websites, bidding websites, and online classifieds are great places to find quality content writers who can help you write guest articles. If you don’t have time to scour bidding sites and sift through writing samples, consider working with an SEO company that provides writing services.

Repurpose Old Content

Did you get one of your articles published on a high authority site? Congratulations! That’s wonderful, but that’s also far from being the end of it. You have to get articles approved on numerous high authority sites in order to enjoy the lasting benefits of guest blogging.

Fortunately, there’s no need to write or pay someone to write an article from scratch every time you want to submit guest content to a new site. You can easily repurpose old content and submit it to a different blog. Or better yet, you can explore subtopics of an article you’ve already written in order to create completely new content that expands on your previous content.

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