How to get links for a new website

Businesses with big, popular websites are lucky because they don’t have to do very much to get their content on people’s radars. Whether they introduce a new product or service or publish an amazing new article on their site, they can be certain that they’ll get plenty of links from it because they already have an established following. On the other hand, if your brand barely has an online presence, you’ll have a tough time attracting attention, building your search engine rankings, and driving traffic to your website without some good old-fashioned link-building. Here are some surefire ways to build links to a brand spanking new website.

Connect with your Offline network Online

You have to earn people’s trust before they’ll link to you. So, why not initiate your link-building efforts with your offline network? Your offline contacts already know, like, and trust you, so they’re far more likely to link to you than a total stranger. You can easily connect with your offline friends, clients, and colleagues online by using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all of which enable you to connect with people on your email contacts list.

Host a Giveaway or Contest

Hosting a giveaway or contest is a great way to attract attention to your business and generate a slew of links to your site. Just be sure to give away something that’s related to your business so that you attract attention from the right kind of people. iPads are a popular giveaway prize, but don’t give an iPad away unless you run a business that’s related to iPads. Otherwise, you’ll temporarily get attention from people who are craving an iPad, but few, if any, of those people will become your customers.

Get Local Press Coverage

You may be able to get some press coverage in your local community by helping out a local charity or doing some community service. Contact local journalists whenever you have something newsworthy to announce because many local journalists are hungry for stories to cover and would be delighted to put your company in the limelight because it gives them something to write about.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build your reputation and generate valuable backlinks, especially when you’re starting out. The benefits of guest posting include not only getting link juice, but also traffic, brand awareness, and possibly even conversions and sales.

Join Online Communities

If you’re just starting out and few people know who you are, it’s a good idea to hop onto relevant online communities where your target audience hangs out, so you can connect with them and gradually build your brand and reputation. Just don’t make the mistake of dropping a link in an online forum and then never showing up again. It’s essential to spend time in an online community and network with other forum members if you want to achieve worthwhile results. It’s better to build a big presence on one or two forums by making valuable contributions and building lasting relationships than it is to have a superficial presence on multiple forums.

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