How to prevent great content from failing online

Let’s say you create content that you’re sure will be a huge hit. But when you finally publish the content, you hear crickets chirp and see some tumble weeds roll by. This is actually a fairly common problem in online marketing, and it doesn’t mean that your content is bad. Lots of great content goes virtually unnoticed and it’s not the content’s fault – it’s usually the content creator’s fault. Here are some tips for ensuring that your content succeeds and achieves its full potential.

Write a Killer Headline

No matter how fantastic your content is, it is bound to fail if the headline sucks. The headline is the first thing that readers see, so it has to be enticing enough to get people to click through or continue reading your article. Great headlines contain your target keywords and are brief, clear, and interesting. Just make sure that your article delivers on the promise of your headline. Otherwise, readers might get frustrated with your content and move on.

Write Articles that Appeal to your Target Audience

No matter how great your article is, it’s going to be a big flop if your target audience can’t relate to the topic you write about. Take some time to research your target audience’s needs and interests, so you can find a topic that is likely to resonate with them and get them talking.

Contact People in Your Network before Publishing the Content

Prior to publishing your piece, get in touch with people in your network to let them know about it. Email them, send them an instant message, or call them to inform them that you’ll be putting out a piece that would be of interest to their followers and ask them to help you spread the word about it.

Time your Launch Well

Publish your content at a time when it will get the most views and shares. If you’re publishing content that’s meant for businesspeople, don’t publish it on 8pm on a Sunday night, when people are at home with their families – publish it at 10am on Monday morning, when it will get the most attention. And don’t hesitate to promote the same piece of content several times throughout the course of the week. For example, it’s a good idea to tweet content in the morning AND in the afternoon, so you can reach as many people as possible.

Post Your Content on an Influential Website

After spending hours conducting research, creating content, and fine-tuning it, the thought of having to post it on a site other than your own might seem disappointing. However, your content is likely to get far more links, attention, and traffic in the long run if you post it on an influential website that’s relevant to your industry. The more popular the website, the more attention your content will get.

Devise a Promotional Plan

Don’t expect your content to receive accolades if you don’t lift a finger after publishing it. It’s important to think not only about creating the content, but also about what’s going to happen after you publish it. Devise a content promotion plan that details how you’ll build links, attract the attention of influential people in your industry, and encourage people to share your content via social media.

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