7 Link Building Tactics to Avoid

Many webmasters have seen significant drops in traffic and rankings in recent weeks, thanks to the Penguin Update. Most of the sites that were hit by this update had aggressive link-building profiles characterized by unnatural anchor text and links from low-quality sites. Rather than being penalized, these sites’ backlinks were devalued, which led to a […]

How to Recover from Google’s Penguin Update

Over two weeks ago, Google launched what is now known as the Penguin Update, an algorithm update that was designed to fight spam in Google’s search engine results. However, many legitimate websites have been hit hard by the Penguin Update, most likely because the SEO companies they hired to improve their search engine rankings utilized […]

Google Authorship and the Evolution of Link Building

For years and years, the SEO community has been manipulating backlinks to their advantage. As a result, Google has issues trusting links and SEOs. To remedy the situation, Google has introduced a new feature known as Authorship. The Authorship markup is a tag that verifies an author of a web page. It allows authors’ Google+ […]

Is Google Waging War on Small Businesses?

Google has been getting a lot of flack lately in the SEO community for purportedly favoring big brands in its search results and kicking small businesses to the proverbial curb. According to critics, Google has managed to divert attention away from its questionable business strategies by publicizing projects like its self-driven cars and Google Plus, […]

Google’s “Freshness” Update and What it means to SEO

Google recently announced the so-called “Freshness” update, which was introduced to provide users with more up-to-date and relevant search results. An extension of the previous Caffeine update, the Freshness update affects approximately 35% of searches. But what exactly does the Freshness update mean for search marketers and those of us who rely on high search […]

7 Tips for Creating a Natural Link Profile

In this day and age, SEO is no easy task. From the lack of Google keyword data in analytics programs to the infamous Panda update, a constant barrage of changes in the SEO world that have made the work of optimizing websites all the more difficult. One of the most challenging aspects of SEO is […]

Why Google Killed Search Referral Data(and what it means for you)

The SEO community is currently up in arms because Google recently announced that it would no longer share referral data from logged-in users. That means website owners can no longer find out what keywords visitors logged into their Google accounts are using to reach their sites. In the past, webmasters could see it in their […]