8 Tips for Optimizing Contact Forms

If you do business online, chances are you have a contact form on your website. For many business owners, the goal of a website is to funnel visitors towards a contact form to take the relationship to the next level. From requesting a quote to placing an order, a contact form can be used for […]

How to boost your business’s credibility with social media marketing

The web is becoming increasingly social, so it’s essential to build a social media presence in order to boost your business’s credibility. Benefits of building a strong social media presence include improving the way visitors feel about your website and reducing the amount of risk they sense when doing business with you. Anyone can start […]

Is Google Waging War on Small Businesses?

Google has been getting a lot of flack lately in the SEO community for purportedly favoring big brands in its search results and kicking small businesses to the proverbial curb. According to critics, Google has managed to divert attention away from its questionable business strategies by publicizing projects like its self-driven cars and Google Plus, […]

8 Tips for Generating More Leads Online with a Limited Budget

In today’s economic climate, an increasing number of business owners have slimmer marketing budgets to work with. Furthermore, print advertising is on its death bed, so many are turning to the web to promote their products and services. Here are 8 solid tips for generating more leads online with a limited budget. 1. Make Videos […]

How To Build Links with Email Marketing

Building quality backlinks that point to your website is one of the top contributors to high search engine rankings. Links not only raise your rankings – they also bring you increased traffic and help to build your brand. What many online marketers don’t realize is that email marketing is an extremely effective technique for building […]

8 Black Hat SEO Techniques that could get your website banned

There are many webmasters and unscrupulous SEOs who try to trick the search engines in order to achieve higher rankings. Their questionable SEO tactics, which are known as “black hat” SEO techniques, are often effective in the short-term, but they eventually get websites penalized or banned. Below are 8 common black hat SEO techniques that […]

How to prevent great content from failing online

Let’s say you create content that you’re sure will be a huge hit. But when you finally publish the content, you hear crickets chirp and see some tumble weeds roll by. This is actually a fairly common problem in online marketing, and it doesn’t mean that your content is bad. Lots of great content goes […]

Google’s “Freshness” Update and What it means to SEO

Google recently announced the so-called “Freshness” update, which was introduced to provide users with more up-to-date and relevant search results. An extension of the previous Caffeine update, the Freshness update affects approximately 35% of searches. But what exactly does the Freshness update mean for search marketers and those of us who rely on high search […]

7 Tips for Creating a Natural Link Profile

In this day and age, SEO is no easy task. From the lack of Google keyword data in analytics programs to the infamous Panda update, a constant barrage of changes in the SEO world that have made the work of optimizing websites all the more difficult. One of the most challenging aspects of SEO is […]

Why Google Killed Search Referral Data(and what it means for you)

The SEO community is currently up in arms because Google recently announced that it would no longer share referral data from logged-in users. That means website owners can no longer find out what keywords visitors logged into their Google accounts are using to reach their sites. In the past, webmasters could see it in their […]

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